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I’m Angela Byers, Life Coach and Wholeness Specialist

Wholeness: having all its proper parts, components, complete and unmodified. Living a whole life means putting life’s puzzle pieces together in order to see yourself whole. This isn’t always as easy as it may seem.

Sometimes we need others to help us put the pieces together. As a wholeness coach it is my job to make you aware of what you need to make your pieces fit. I create space and an environment for your pieces to form into what they have always had the ability to be.

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July 2019


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As a wholeness coach it is my focus to help you put the pieces of your life’s puzzle together. The wonderful thing about this is, you already have everything that you need to live in wholeness. This does not deny the fact that sometimes we need one another to help us recognize where the pieces are needed.
— Angela Byers